Customer’s responsibility to complete prior to installation of windows and patio doors.

  1. Remove blinds, drapes and any other window coverings along with brackets and tracks
  2. Remove storm windows completely
  3. Remove security bars
  4. Remove shutters (interior & exterior)
  5. Disconnect the security alarm system for the windows and patio doors.
  6. Make sure to cover and protect all furniture, hardwood floors, and/or anything else in the area from dust and could get damaged by broken glass and/or aluminum etc.
  7. Create a clear working area around the windows and patio doors that are to be replaced. Move all furniture (stereo systems, beds, dressers, and sofas etc.) away from the area.
  8. Remove all items on window ledges
  9. Use drop sheets to protect all types of flooring, carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, etc.
  10. In order to avoid broken glass on the exterior sidewalk or grass etc, make sure to spread out plastic or drop sheets.

The customer is responsible for reinstalling, reconnection and/or relocating all items mentioned above.

Post installation note for the customer: do not power wash installed items. Do not power wash immediately area around installed items.

I have read, and I understand what is expected of me prior to, and after installation date. I understand that if any, or all, of tasks 1 through 7 are not completed before the installers arrive, I will be charged a fee to perform the tasks.

All old windows will be disposed of by MJ Windows.